Screwdriver 1.0mm x 40 Flat Blade Wiha Picofinish 004767

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1.0mm x 40 Flat Blade Screwdriver Wiha Picofinish 00476

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Wiha premium quality screwdriver
Precise, extremely high quality tools for demanding users.

We use these in our own workshop, and believe they are simply the finest precision screwdrivers available.

260P PicoFinish Flat blade screwdriver.

• 1.0mm wide blade tip
• 0.25mm thin blade for extremely fine screws
• 40mm blade length
• 2.0mm tip diameter
• 2mm shaft diameter
• 134mm overall length
• 9mm diameter handle

Handle: PicoFinish soft-touch handle with rotating cap and rapid-turning zone.
Blade: Chrome-vanadium steel, through hardened, chrome-plated.
Tip: ‘Waisted’ to fit in small spaces – see spec. below
Application: Ideal for high-precision

Design features:
• Ergonomic handle design with soft zone for comfortable work.
• Easy-movement rotating cap for rapid hand action.
• Colour-coded marking of the drive symbol for easy identification
• Through-hardened, chrome plated blade made of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel for a long tool life.
• Wiha ChromTop® tip guarantees a secure hold in the screw head.
• Ideal for all fine, filigree applications in electronics and precision-mechanics applications, as well as for DIY and model-building.

Wiha PicoFinish is distinguished by the use of top-quality materials and anergonomic handle design.
The comfortable precision screwdriver with multi-component handle, rapid rotating zone and light rotating cap is a professional tool for all precisionwork especially within confined spaces. To make things even easier for the user working with tiny screws, Wiha have developed a second, smaller handle.

The colour-coded marking of the drive symbol on the rotating cap is also new. This makes it easier to recognise the individual screwdrivers whenseveral are being used at once.
The blades are made of top-quality chrome-vanadium-molybdenumsteel to ensure particularly long life. They are subsequently through-hardened in a controlled process and finally hard chrome-plated.

The precise ChromTop® tip ensures a secure hold in the screw head.

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