Dapol Sound Decoder GWR Railcar OO Gauge

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Zimo MX644  Sound Decoder

Manual functions 
F0White/red marker lightsWhen F0 is turned ON, the white marker lights at the leading end will be lit together with the red tail lights at the trailing end. This will change according to the selected direction of travel. 
F1Startup/shutdownOn pressing F1 (F1 ON), with the speed set at 0 the sound of the engines starting will be heard. On pressing F1 again (F1 OFF) with the speed set at 0, the sound of the engines shutting down will be heard. 
F2High tone air hornOn pressing F2, short high horn will be heard. 
F3Low tone air hornOn pressing F3, a short low horn will be heard. 
F4Passenger door open/closeOn pressing F4 (F4 ON), the sound of the the passenger door sliding open will be heard. When F4 is pressed again (F4 OFF), the sound of the passenger door sliding closed will be heard. 
F5Guard’s whistleOn pressing F5, the sound of the Guard’s whistle will be heard. 
F6Communication bellsOn pressing F6 (F6 ON), the sound of the Guard-to-driver communication bells will be heard. When F6 is pressed again (F6 OFF), the sound of the driver’s response bells will be heard. 
F7Brake application/releaseWhen F7 is pressed, the sound of the brakes being applied will be heard.
When F7 is pressed again (F7 turned off), the sound of the brakes being released will be heard. If ‘RealDrive’ is enabled, the working brake will be applied (F7 ON) and released (F7 OFF).
F8Flange squealOn pressing F8, the sound of the wheel flanges squealing will be heard. 
F9High tone electric hornWhen F9 is pressed, short high horn will be heard. 
F10Interior saloon lightsWhen F10 is ON, the interior saloon lights will be illuminated. 
F11Cab lights (directional)When F11 is ON, the leading driver’s cab light will be illuminated.

Note: the marker lights (f0) must also be ON.

F12Fade out/inWhen F12 is pressed (F12 ON), all sounds will slowly fade to silence. This can be used when the Railcar is going ‘off-scene’ or into a tunnel.

When F12 is pressed again (F12 OFF), all sounds will slowly fade back in to their previous volumes. This can be used when the Railcar is entering the scenic section  or exiting a tunnel.

F13Low tone electric hornWhen F13 is pressed, short low horn will be heard. 
F14High-low short air hornsOn pressing F14, the sound of two-tone horns will be heard. 
F15Low-high short air hornsOn pressing F15, the sound of two-tone horns will be heard. 
F16High-low short electric hornsOn pressing F16, the sound of two-tone horns will be heard. 
F17Low-high short electric hornsOn pressing F17, the sound of two-tone horns will be heard. 


Most suitable speaker for this Dapol model: 8 Ohm Sugar Cube with enclosure (104225)

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