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Gamesontrack® GT-Sender V2 Battery Kit

GT-Xconnect is V2 Radiomaster and Positionsmaster for both control and positioning of all vehicles, cars, trains etc.

GT-Xconnect is the Heart in the GamesOnTrack solutions.
GT-Xconnect can be upgraded to support many different use models. USB-cable is enclosed.

GT-Xconnect V2 can be direcly conncted via USB to a PC or via 2 wires to any DCC-terminal/central – track-connector. You can control your vehicles from PC and/or from the DCC-unit. The advantage is that all DCC-impulses are lifted to the radio and transmitted to any GT-Xcontrol in train or vehicle. The GT-Xcontrol is connected to your local decoder in the vehicle, Thus supplying DCC direcly into it as if it came from the tracks. You save booster, wires and also expensive DCC-centrals. The currency on the tracks can now be pure 16-24 V DC – or DCC if you operate in mixed mode.GT-Xconnect can be connected to LocoNet units and can operate as a LocoNet Master .GT-Xconnect can supply Position satellites if itself is supplyed from a 16 V AC trafo.GT-Xconnect can also handle radiocontrol handheld terminals from Uhlenbrock.GT-Xconnect can be firmware upgraded via the PC.GT-Xconnect can send and acknowledge up to 400 DCC commands per second and control 100 trains simultaneously.

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