Protective Non-slip Bench Mat

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Bench Matting.

Protects your model, and your workbench!

Our workbench matting has always been remarked on by visitors to our workshop, it’s a non-slip foam mat, with open cells providing grip and ‘protection to our customers locos. We chose it for our own use on our busy workshop bench; all the inevitable small offcuts of wire, solder and other sharp scratchy rubbish simply drops straight through the small holes, and only the closed cell foam touches the models. This prevents damage due to scratching as the model is fully supported on small ‘cushions’ above the layer of rubbish.

The mat is [very!] non-slip, non-inflammable and mildew resistant. It can be used for many other uses in the workshop, and around the home (Great for wood working, as a routing mat, or a small off-cut on your car dashboard will prevent items slipping about). Another benefit is that small parts and screws dropped accidentally are caught in the mat, and can be easily found.  Much better than donating them to the part eating carpet monster!

The foam is tough, and resistant against water, oil and solvents, it won’t tear or abrade easily (can be cut to size with scissors) it has a good resistance against damage from soldering irons. Ours have been [ab]used daily in our installation workshop for 18 months, and probably has another 18 left (at least!).<

Sold in workbench sized mats of 450mm x 300mm (17.7′ x 12′). It is approximately 4mm thick.

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