Xytronic Soldering Station LF-1600 80W

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The LF-1600 soldering station has a digital temperature indicator, detachable 80W soldering iron and a Set-and- Forget temperature control to select a temperature between 200 and 480°C (392 to 896°F).

  • ESD safe
  • Microprocessor controlled circuitry
  • Temperature adjustment lockout prevents unauthorised change
  • Low voltage soldering iron output for safety
  • Spike-free circuitry for safe soldering of sensitive devices
  • Detachable AC power lead with UK 13A plug
  • Earth jack for connection of antistatic wrist strap
  • Soldering iron stand with brass tip cleaner
Analogue / Digital:Digital
Iron Model(s):108ESD
Iron Voltage:32V
No. of Outputs:1
Power Output:80W
Temperature Max:480°C
Temperature Min:200°C

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Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions21 × 16 × 17 cm



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