Workshop Information

We offer a high quality DCC installation and locomotive repair service and guarantee all our work for 12 months. Your model is fully insured whilst in our care.

Please call or email us to book your locomotive into our workshop. All workshop jobs require a booking reference prior to sending to us.

The services we offer are:

  • DCC Installations (All Gauges and Manufacturers)
  • Locomotive Repairs (Currently Dapol Only, spares from other Manufacturers are hard to come by)
  • Locomotive Services (All Gauges and Manufacturers)
  • Lighting Installations (All Gauges and Manufacturers)
  • Sound Installations (All Gauges [within reason] and Manufacturers)
  • Dapol Warranty Repairs (Official Dapol Service Agent)
  • Custom Work

Please scroll down for a full breakdown of our pricing

DCC Installations

Our DCC Installations work on a base fitting cost which is dependent on the Gauge of the locomotive, plus min. of £10.00 tracked & insured return postage within the UK; the cost of the decoder which unless specified, will be the decoder that we consider best fits your needs is at additional cost.

Postage is a single charge for any number of locomotives.

*Some Graham Farish Locomotives with a split chassis, may need a Digi-Hat conversion kit which is priced at an additional £7.14.

Work TypeCost
DCC installation DCC Ready locos £ 16.00
DCC installation N & OO Gauge Dapol/GF £ 28.00
DCC installation N & OO Gauge Non-Dapol£30.00
DCC installation N & OO Gauge US/Split Chassis/Wren/Other £ 34.00
DCC Installation O Gauge £ 34.00
DCC Sound Intallation O Gauge £ 55.00
DCC Sound Intstallation OO/HO & N Gauge £ 45.00
DCC Sound Decoder Reblow£20.00
Directional Lighting Installation OO/HO £ 46.00
Locomotive service/repair G Gauge £ 44.00
Locomotive service/repair N & OO Gauge Dapol £ 28.00
Locomotive service/repair N & OO/HO Non-Dapol £ 34.00
Locomotive service/repair O Gauge £ 40.00
Service/repair £ 28.00
Simple service/repair £ 16.00
Free service/repair £ -
Hourly Rate £ 35.00
Workshop Evaluation £ 10.00

Postage is a single charge for any number of locomotives.


Our repairs work on a base repair charge, plus any parts needed and min. of £10.00 Return insured & trackable postage within the UK.

NB: Due to the difficulty of finding spares for non-Dapol locomotives, it is not likely that we can complete repairs to any non-Dapol locomotives unless the spares are readily available.

Please note, if the price of parts rises above £20 for N or OO Gauge or £40 for O gauge, you will be notified before any work is carried out.

If for any reason the locomotive cannot be repaired there will be an evaluation charge plus the return postage.


Our services work on a base service charge, plus any parts needed and min. of £10.00 Return insured & trackable postage within the UK.

Dapol Warranty Repairs

We are proud to be Dapol’s official service agent and take great care when repairing any locomotive sent to us under Dapol’s warranty.

Locomotives repaired under Dapol’s warranty are entirely free unless the warranty is voided in which case our regular repair charges will apply. We reserve the right to charge for any additional postal charges incurred. Examples of voided warranties are: accidental cosmetic damage, attempted repairs, gross over oiling etc. Modifications to the model which have contributed or caused the reported fault will also void the warranty.

In the event a locomotive is not repairable and is a ‘write off’, you will receive a voucher for the purchase price of the model to take to your original retailer.

We also carry a range of Dapol spares; click here for our range, or alternatively visit Peter’s Spares.
Please note, if you cannot see the spare part you require, please contact us.
We are constantly working with the Dapol factories to obtain spares, as and when production runs are made.
However, please be aware, for older models, we may not be able to acquire spares.

Special Commissions

If you would like work performing which is not listed here, please call us for an estimated quote, this typically is offered on an hourly rate base.

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